27 May

Online distribution service Direct2Drive is getting into the Free2Play market with their recently announced “starter packs.” The package includes a free download of games priced normally up to $19.95, with discounted rates for virtual items. These differing versions of the game will still be developed by the game’s developers, and should help Direct2Drive (who only […]

17 Dec

In a surprising move, the RPG masterminds at Bioware have announced that they will be porting their massive dark fantasy, Dragon Age: Origins to Apple’s line of Mac computers. The game will be made available starting next week, in either a Standard Version or Digital Deluxe Version, the latter including in-game bonuses similar to the […]

09 Oct

It seems department heads from publisher and developer alike have gotten more comfortable with speaking their minds. The latest in candid commentators is Gearbox’s (Brother’s in Arms: Hell’s Highway, Borderlands) own Randy Pitchford, who has some choice words for the popular Steam digital download service on PC. Speaking to Maximum PC, Mr. Pitchford also forsees […]