19 Aug

A new level to the rumors of Sony “secretly” making a PSP2, Eurogamer is reporting a new device has been making preliminary showcase rounds to several big publishers. Supposedly sporting a similar look to the PSP-3000 with touch controls on the back. The reports come from three separate developers, who also say that several near-completion […]

11 Aug

The in-fashion accessory for multi-national companies this season is social game developers, if Disney’s acquisition of Playdom is any indication. A TechCrunch report states that Google is looking into the market, specifically at Jambool, the developer of the Social Gold payment system (which allows game creators to build payment options directly into the game build). […]

23 Jan

The under 14 crowd is an essential demographic for any product seeking massive gains, ask Miley Cyrus. But despite popular opinion thinking otherwise, either positive or negative, children ages 2-14 aren’t as enamored with video games as television, movies, or even music. According to the NPD Group’s Kids and Entertainment Content report, the age group […]