29 Nov

With the success of Nintendo’s crossover Super Smash Bros series, we’re surprised it took this long for another first-party publisher to try their hand at the concept. It is rumored that Super Bot Entertainment is hard at work on such a project for Sony, currently code-named “Title Fight”, after an alleged in-game screenshot of a […]

29 Apr

Sega has finally released some details on the long dormant sequel to one of the Dreamcast’s crown jewels. A leaked video (since taken offline) from a private promo eventĀ  in the Akihabara district of Tokyo confirms a few important Phantasy Star Online 2 details: like third-person shooter segments and randomly generated hunting grounds.

10 Jun

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, the newest game from Activision to feature the web-crawler, is promising four unique universe of Spidey with different modes of gameplay for each, only announcing two out of four at its teaser stage. The third was set to be announced at this year’s E3, All Games Beta has leaked a set of […]