09 Feb

What was once in Activision’s hands as True Crime: Hong Kong has just been reintroduced under Square Enix as Sleeping Dogs. Prior to this rebirth, the game was cancelled by Activision last year, at the same time as Guitar Hero, before the game assets were picked up by Square Enix. The rights to the original […]

03 Aug

Square Enix seems to be shifting the corporate gears a bit. Once a titan of unique IP, these days, the publisher seems eager to acquire and distribute some pretty deftly chosen outside titles. First there was Batman: Arkham Asylum (in Japan), and now Square is picking up one of Activision’s recently discarded games. True Crime: […]

13 Apr

The 500-person layoffs Activision engaged in earlier in the year supposedly took the Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk franchises with it. Tony Hawk was quick to suggest otherwise during an interview with Pixelated Geek, saying that another title in the skateboarding series is intended for sometime later this year. Guitar Hero doesn’t seem to be […]

10 Feb

In the traditional fourth-quarter earnings call to investors, Activision-Blizzard revealed a major re-prioritization effort going forth, that leaves one of gaming’s biggest franchises in recent memory in the dust. “[C]ontinued declines in the music genre” is the cited reason by the corporation for its retiring of the Guitar Hero brand, putting to bed one of […]