23 Apr

Telltale looks to be picking up more licenses than Zynga picks up social game start-ups. The episodic game-makers have added “Law and Order: Los Angeles” to their expansive media oeuvre, which also includes “Back to the Future”, “Monkey Island”, “King’s Quest”, “Jurassic Park”, and comic franchises “The Walking Dead” and “Fables”. The games will release on PC, Mac, and Smart Phone/Tablet OS’s, and “will take the crime solving focus to interrogation and criminal investigations, with a heavy dose of courtroom drama on each case.”

Experiencing a bit of franchise overload with Telltale? Or are looking forward to a procedural episodic adventure alongside all the others? Tell us your thoughts below!

One thought on “Telltale Producing “Law and Order” Game Series”

  1. Well Law & Order works really well for them because of their knowledge of point and click adventure games. Someone has to do license games, and Telltale manages to do them really well.

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