15 Feb

The many McDonald’s franchises located in Japan – where one can get the Juicy Chicken Akatougarashi and the very American sounding Mega Mac (four patties!) – will be offering DLC vouchers for the Nintendo 3DS’ Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3. The month-long promotion will have a new code for a downloadable item each week. […]

15 Nov

With Super Mario 3D Land hitting store-shelves in North America and Europe this week, animal-rights organization PETA has launched a campaign against the Nintendo mascot over the ‘Tanooki suit.  According to PETA, Mario dons “the skin of a raccoon dog to give him special powers.” The in-game upgrade has actually been included in the franchise since Super […]

06 Jun

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21 May

Hey, it’s been awhile since we last threw together a bunch of release dates for your convenience, hasn’t it? Well, we got a lot of announcements with little story beyond the numbers, so for your pleasure, here is your latest Release Date Bonanza!