07 Nov

Say what you want about the quality of Viacom/Gametrailers/Spike’s Video Game Awards (and we have plenty to say about it), but there is rarely a television event that packs more exclusive trailers and reveals into one night. For the 2011 ceremony, in addition to the official reveal of Alan Wake’s Night Springs, a new game […]

04 Nov

The last we heard of Alan Wake were rumors of a standalone spin-off project based on the in-game “Twilight Zone” homage  heading to Xbox Live Arcade. Xbox’s Major Nelson confirmed 2/3rds of that rumor in a recent Twitter message, stating, “We can confirm that this new ‘Alan Wake‘ game will be a fully standalone experience […]

21 May

The rumored “not direct sequel, not DLC” expansion of Remedy’s Alan Wake has been revealed, according to a report from XBLAfans.com. Coming from the same informant that leaked info on Gotham City Imposters, the site claimed to have screenshots, but were censored by the developer. The expansion, named after a television show present in the […]