05 Apr

A lot of headlines have revolved around Australia these past few months, but here’s a story that doesn’t involve censorship for once. The Australian Classifications Board has inadvertently revealed a new game in the popular Burnout racing franchise. Burnout Crash will be rated PG in Australia and…that’s pretty much all we know for sure at […]

14 Mar

Despite an appeal by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the Australian classification board has upheld the decision to refuse Mortal Kombat an official rating in the country. Effectively, this means it will be illegal to sell the game in Australia, and it will also force Warner Bros. to cancel all pre-orders that were registered in the […]

06 Mar

Surprising nearly no one, the purposefully overt violence in Nether Realm’s Mortal Kombat reboot has gotten the game banned in the country of Australia. The country’s Classification Board has refused to rate the game, meaning it will not be available to legally release in the region. The board went further, requiring all advertisements to be […]