23 Feb

[Initial reporting performed by Eli English] Bulletstorm, the brand new arcade-aesthetic shooter from developers Epic Games and People Can Fly, was only released yesterday, but that isn’t stopping them from announcing their first DLC pack. “Gun Sonata” is set to debut sometime this Spring on all three game versions.

21 Feb

What seemed like a natural addition to a bombastic FPS, but the folks at People Can Fly had to axe a near fully-integrated co-operative campaign for their upcoming alien blast-fest Bulletstorm, as the mode just didn’t seem to gel with the rest of the experience. According to Cliff Bleszinski, the campaign did work within the […]

10 Feb

Ever the bastions of “fair and balanced” news, the staff at Fox News have set their sights on the video game industry once again. A new editorial written by John Brandon has asked the simple question: “Is Bulletstorm the Worst Game in the World?“. Once again the thesis is that the violence and sexual imagery […]