19 Jan

The studio that sprung from infamous circumstances, Respawn Entertainment, made big news when it signed up with Electronic Arts’ EA Partners label late last year. But according Danny Bilson, Head of Core Games over at THQ, the studio heads at Respawn came pretty close to signing with them before going elsewhere. Supposedly, negotiations fell through […]

17 Jan

Last October Patrice Desilets made the surprising announcement that he would migrate from Ubisoft Montreal to THQ’s new big-budget development house. While Desilets’ non-compete contract will keep the studio in limbo until this summer, THQ hasn’t stopped their conversion of former Ubisoft employees at just one person. Danny Bilson, Head of THQ’s Core Games division, […]

15 Dec

Danny Bilson, the Vice President of Core Games at THQ has told StuffWeLike.com that the three games that will comprise THQ’s collaboration with movie director Guillermo Del Toro will take between eight and ten years to finalize. inSANE, a survival-horror game that  is being developed by THQ-owned studio Volition Inc. and directed by Del Toro, […]