20 May

Ubisoft Motion Pictures is already hard at working converting their IP into films, just two weeks after the new branch of French publisher Ubisoft was announced. While not directly making the films themselves, the studio has confirmed that final proposals have been drafted to take to Hollywood studios beginning this June. Speaking to Variety, UMP […]

19 Jan

The studio that sprung from infamous circumstances, Respawn Entertainment, made big news when it signed up with Electronic Arts’ EA Partners label late last year. But according Danny Bilson, Head of Core Games over at THQ, the studio heads at Respawn came pretty close to signing with them before going elsewhere. Supposedly, negotiations fell through […]

30 Jun

In an interview with Gamasutra.com, EA officer Frank Gibeau has stated that despite the disappointing sales of their new IP’s last year, the company is aiming to release around 9 IPs over the next three years. EA’s most important IPs last year were Dead Space and Mirrors Edge, neither of which managed to break far […]