30 Jun

In an interview with Gamasutra.com, EA officer Frank Gibeau has stated that despite the disappointing sales of their new IP’s last year, the company is aiming to release around 9 IPs over the next three years. EA’s most important IPs last year were Dead Space and Mirrors Edge, neither of which managed to break far into mainstream-territory despite their positive critical reception. Gibeau argues that this was mainly due to the unlucky release window, that both games shared, as well as the competition the games faced during Q3 of 2008.

Notable IP’s currently being expected from EA include Brütal Legend, Dante’s Inferno and Dragon Age: Origins. The company will also continue to produce sequels to it’s major franchises, such as Mass Effect, Army of Two, Need for Speed and the Battlefield series. In the same article, Gibeau also confirms that there will be a sequel to Dead Space. Though such a sequel had already been rumoured extensively and hinted at in several occasions, no official word had been given yet to confirm it.

Historically, EA has been (in)famous for focusing on sequels, rather than new franchises. The interview with Frank Gibeau can be found here.