11 Apr

There hasn’t been much talk of DLC in the land of Fallout: New Vegas after “Dead Money”, but a leaked trailer more or less confirms the existence of “Honest Hearts”. According to Fallout forum Duck and Cover, a private Youtube trailer for the content was recently pulled from Bethesda’s account detailing the announcement and first […]

21 Jan

A longtime (hopeful) rumor of PC Savants and MMO-addicts alike, the recent court filings of Bethsoft’s lawsuit against Fallout IP-holder Interplay have – perhaps accidentally – revealed a massively multiplayer online game based on the Elder Scrolls franchise. Found, as always, by series fansite Duck and Cover, the parent company Zenimax had hired Dark Ages […]

14 Jan

Despite its December set-back, where their injunction against original Fallout developer Interplay was denied, Fallout fan-site Duck and Cover has reported that publisher Bethsoft  is reloading for a second attempt at legal action. Replacing their legal staff, Bethsoft has not returned requests for information from Elder-Geek as of yet. Keep your pip-boy tuned to this […]