31 Mar

Konami Digital Entertainment announced yesterday that the mind behind Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima, has been promoted to Vice President of the company, a position he shares with Pro Evolution Soccer producer Shinji Enomoto.The promotions are coming during a large restructuring effort from Konami, with Mineaki Yoshiba, Yasuyuki Yamaji and Kazuyuki Kisohara being added to their […]

30 Sep

While Nintendo spent more than a little time on the hardware features of its upcoming 3DS, one of the highlights of its recent press conference was its overview montage of a selection of titles coming out for the system. While only a handful of games were shown, we here at Elder-Geek have the full list […]

19 Jun

It’s finally here.  The perfect Bomberman game.  The series has been on a long journey—from the original box art that looked conspicuously like a certain first party Nintendo title to the abhorrent Bomberman Act Zero, everything has culminated in Bomberman Ultra: the sum of all the best parts of the series, presented exactly how fans […]