Hardware XBOXONE Reveal 0 21 May

Microsoft has unveiled her next-generation game console: the Xbox One.

03 Jun

Majesco just announced a follow-up of sorts to their 2006 Jaws Unleashed, based off the film series initially directed by Steven Spielberg. Jaws: Ultimate Predator will release on Nintendo’s Wii and 3DS, and is being co-developed by n-Space (Call of Duty DS versions) and Tectonic Games (Suze Orman’s Money Game). The game is set 35 […]

13 Oct

Electronic Arts has confirmed the long-standing (going on two years now) rumor that Steven Spielberg’s second video game project has been canceled. Details on the mysterious “Project LMNO” are few and far between, but supposedly the game was a more stealth-centric spy title set in World War II. Despite reports suggesting that a small team […]