14 Jul

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5 thoughts on “HUD – Bill S.968, Bethesda Announces Dishonored, Pokemon on Smartphone, And More!”

  1. Good update, I usually hate game to film stuff because almost everyone has been ruined by ‘the big screen’ but the Mass Effect film could be VERY good if Casey Hudson has alot to do with it.

    I’ve seen alot of game to film and I only like Silent Hill and quite like the Resident Evil films, the latter are going way too far from what the games did but they’re quite true to the game’ characters and events except for Alice =/

    I didn’t ‘get’ what you were talking about with Team Bondi’s studio and LA Noire.

    1. Silent Hill is by far my favorite game-to-movie adaptation, heck it even ranks pretty high on my favorite horror flicks list. Also if your able to look past the game the movies are supposedly inspired from there are a few video game movies that are of decent quality, for what they are. Hitman, Prince of Persia, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, Resident Evil 1 and 3, and Tomb Raider. None of these are cinematic masterpieces by any stretch, but they are what they were supposed to be, entertaining in their own particular fashion.

      Oh and the Team Bondi story is in reference to a story we did in last week’s show.

      1. Wow. Name dropping Spirits Within. I actually appreciated it as well. It’s one of those forgotten films now. Oddly enough, that film’s failure is why Square became Square-Enix.

        1. Yeah I get kind of peeved whenever I hear people bitch about Spirits Within (looking at you Randy!), I often even hear people say its worse then Advent Children. I think the problem is that people keep associating it with Final Fantasy, and for that reason get disappointed when it has basically none of the things you’d expect out of a Final Fantasy movie, there are no Fireagas or summons. But if you can forget the name and franchise it’s really a good movie centered around this theme of naturalism and spirituality being one, and the consequences of war spreading further and longer than imaginable. It even manages to include a fair share of politics and romance.

          But it says Final Fantasy, so even though it has some things in common, as long as it’s not easily comparable to the games the fans won’t like it. It’s the right movie for the wrong audience.

          1. Mats, I wholly agree with you. The movie is great just being titled ‘Spirits Within,’ but since Square Soft added the Final Fantasy moniker to the title, it disappoints.

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