13 Jul

Think of yourself as a bastion of video game knowledge? Proud enough of your abilities to put them to the test for a stack of twenty (20) hit titles? Well, the organizers of the Golden Joystick Awards have called you out with their new contest, the prize being every single one of the games listed in their Ultimate Game of the Year category in this year’s awards (viewable from their website here.)  What’s the catch? You have to find, name, and let them know as many hidden references included in their specially commissioned picture from ex-Edge designer Terry Stokes, which can be found here after the jump. You need to have voted in at least one of the 15 user-voted categories for this year though (also at their website,) otherwise your entry will not be validated.

The Golden Joystick awards is one of the most celebrated ceremonies in the industry, with thousands of gamers casting their vote for the best in the world, in over a dozen reputable categories. The ceremony is celebrating its 27th show this year.

How many references can you find in the picture below? Enough for a 20-unit stack of this year’s best games?

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