18 Jul

Elder-Geek.com is now 100 days old, and boy has it’s been an eventful 100 days. We started off with just four people and have now grown into a staff of nine, and that doesn’t count all the wonderful users that are submitting great content to us. Our site was bare bones at first without a forum, news section or comments feature. In the past 100 days however we’ve added all these features with great success. And in the next 100 we hope to continue to improve on both features and design.

We’ve made it this far with only loosing one person, and we’ll never forget Whatshisname, but it’s time to look forward. With your help we hope to build a great community with frequent activity on both the forums and in the comments sections. So in addition to running our usual promotions we’re asking you (our users) to go and get the word out: Elder-Geek.com is growing and anyone who’d like to be a part of it is more than welcome to join the fun!

And so with that, we celebrate a fantastic 100 days of Elder-Geek.com with stage 1 of the site redesign getting all the glory! Now get our there and comment!

4 thoughts on “100 Days of Elder-Geek.com”

  1. Great job guys… it is small still, but you guys are bringing the content that I want… Reviews and Articles from other gamers.

    Here is to another 100 even better than the last!

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