17 Jan

Hideo Kojima just came seem to retire from his Metal Gear franchise, despite dozens of press statements over the years to the contrary. Several job listings for Kojima Productions name-drop a “Next Generation Metal Gear Solid series,” asking for experience on the current generation of consoles. Whether “Next Generation” means a new graphical engine, console […]

11 Jul

With continuing the Metal Gear franchise – now on two separate fronts – and producing both Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and an unannounced exclusive project on the Playstation 3, Kojima has a lot on his plate in the present. But in an interview with Famitsu (via 1UP) the auteur designer put forth his thoughts on […]

09 Apr

In-game advertisements has usually been the bane of many gamer’s existence, but Kojima Productions has always had a sense of humor about the proceedings. From majorly featuring an iPod in Guns of the Patriots, to the recent reveal of information on Peace Walker‘s advertisements, lead designer Hideo Kojima has stated that the campaigns are always […]