05 Oct

Though the game has not yet received an official release date, Gearbox Software has announced that consumers who purchase the “Game of the Year” edition of Borderlands will receive a key that grants them access to the “Duke Nukem First Access Club.” Besides providing users with a wealth of currently unspecified goodies, membership will grant […]

11 Aug

Kotaku reported today that according to undisclosed sources, developer Gearbox Software is currently working on the ill-fated Duke Nukem: Forever. After developer 3D Realms defaulted last year, development on Duke Nukem: Forever was apparently halted after having been in constant development for over twelve years. Legal battles ensued between developer 3D Realms and publisher Take-Two […]

05 Jan

With more supposed development time than any game in history, and even more investments sunk into the project, Duke Nukem Forever may just be the most toxic video game IP ever. With such a tapestry of set-backs over its sorted past, including the recent firing of the majority of the project’s staff last May, tech-magazine […]